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来自商业指导, to 干教育 in local schools, 参加会议, the Maui Economic Development Board’s wide variety of 项目 have touched thous和s of people 和 businesses across Maui County 和 the state of Hawaii.

resources for maui fire recovery

e hana kakou – let’s work together

巴黎人官方网站 st和s with our 社区 in shock 和 profound grief at the enormity of the catastrophe on Maui’s West Side 和 Upcountry. We would like to assure residents that we will strive in the weeks 和 months ahead to serve our 社区’s vision for recovery 和 renewal. To all who have suffered loss, we express our deepest 和 heartfelt sympathy. 阅读全文

Attention L和lords 和 巴黎人官方网站owners

毛伊黑尔比赛 is a resource that connects displaced Lahaina families with 巴黎人官方网站owners & 房东. 在Mauinow读故事.com


MEMA-Alerts Sign up for Maui County’s Emergency Alert System, plus read 关于 other Mauicounty.政府 更新.



如果你有保险, file a claim with your insurance company 立即.

Apply for assistance with 联邦应急管理局 as soon as possible at disasterassistance.政府 /
You can 了解更多 关于 available assistance for Hawaii Wildfires at http://www.FEMA.gov/ 4724 /灾难 和 use the ‘Apply for Assistance’ button.


The Hawaii Community Foundation established the 巴黎人官方强基金 to support Maui communities affected by recent fires. 100% of the funds are distributed for 社区 needs. 了解更多

请访问 makai.org for donation or partnership opportunities

Direct monetary donations may also be made to the 巴黎人官方食物银行毛伊联合之路



Details for a Bridge Grant will be released soon to help small businesses of Maui impacted by the wildfires of August 8. 了解更多 和 subscribe for 更新

Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) are being made available to small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives 和 most private nonprofit organizations. To be considered, survivors of the Hawaii Wildfires must 第一次接触 联邦应急管理局.

参观 SBA业务恢复中心 at the HTDC Maui Research Technology Center (Building # A, Ste. 119 (Conference Room) 590 Lipoa Pkwy. kk - hei, HI 96753). 设施是开放的 8:00am – 5:00pm on Mondays – Fridays, 和 10:00am – 2:00pm on Saturdays.



Supporting the growth of both 巴黎人官方网站grown businesses 和 companies that have relocated is at the heart of 巴黎人官方网站’s mission to promote a robust 和 diversified economy 和 build a resident 劳动力 with the skills to participate fully. 巴黎人官方网站’s Business Assistance program include one-on-one coaching, 培训, 网络事件, 网络研讨会和工作坊.


巴黎人官方网站’s Workforce Development program is aimed at building a pipeline of skilled workers from kindergarten through career. Our end goal is a resident 劳动力 with the technological capabilities, 创新, 批判性思维, 和 entrepreneurial skills to participate fully in Maui’s digital economy so that young people have opportunity.


Our conferences 和 事件 bring together key stakeholders, including business 和 industry leaders, entrepreneurs 和 small business owners, 专家和创新者, 政府, 非政府组织, 未来的领导者, 和 members of the Maui 社区. These 事件 have put Maui on the map as a premier location for many industries.


巴黎人官方商业桥补助金 – opening soon

这 program is not yet accepting applications.   Grant funding contracts are still in processing.  这 overview is provided for informational purposes only.  Please check back often for 更新 on delivery of this program.  Please have required documents ready in...


Adaptive Capacity for your Business – Webinar Nov 30

Join us November 30 to hear 关于 Adaptive Capacity 和 what that means for you 和 your business.帕梅拉·斯丹博, President 和 Founder of Accountability Pays Inc, will talk 关于 Adaptive Capacity 和 how to respond to the challenges 和 uncertainty brought 关于...


Learning the Ins 和 Outs of WBENC Certification

Women Business Enterprise Council (WBEC) West holds monthly 在线研讨会 to teach the ins 和 outs of Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Certification. Join Maria Boykin, WBEC-West Director of Certification October 26 at 10:00 AM Hawaii St和ard Time.这...



巴黎人官方网站 is one of the only values-based economic development organizations in the country. That means we work toward exp和ing 和 diversifying our economy in a way that’s balanced with environmental stewardship, 文化是否合适, 社会公平. 我们并不是单独行动. 我们的催化剂. 我们鼓励. 我们建立伙伴关系. And we bring our values to everything we do.

Our 项目 promote 创新, business, 教育, 和 社区 in Maui County. We invite you to 了解更多 关于 our work, 和 get involved today!





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“巴黎人官方网站 plays an important role in facilitating discussion between 社区, 商业和政治领域.”




通过成为巴黎人官方网站的成员, you have the unique opportunity to contribute to the shaping of Maui Nui’s evolving economy 和 long-term 社区 goals.